Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami? 5 Steps Make Pastrami

hot pastrami
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Popular sandwich meat called pastrami is typically made of smoked and corned beef.

Pastrami is frequently categorized as “deli meat,”
Under certain conditions, eating pastrami while pregnant is safe.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami? Before consuming pastrami while pregnant, whether at a restaurant or at home with store-bought pastrami, make sure it is heated to steaming or at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius).

Have you ever wondered how pastrami safety during pregnancy compares to that of other deli meats? Find out by reading on!

First, let’s describe pastrami.

What is pastrami?

Pastrami is created with beef, typically brisket, that has been wet-cured in a brine, heavily spiced with a rub primarily made of black pepper and coriander, smoked for taste, and finished with steaming.


Although it can be cooled and served as a cold-cut beef, it is frequently sliced hot and eaten as a sandwich.

The word “pastrami” appears to have entered the language very recently; it is believed to have first appeared in print in the USA in 1936.

It most likely originated in Romania or Armenia and was brought by Jewish immigrants who spoke Yiddish in the early 20th century.

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Since cutting and weighing are about the only technical skills required to make pastrami, anyone should be able to make it and do it effectively. Pastrami is made in five simple steps:
Pastrami preparation:


You can decide how much of your brisket you want to cut before making pastrami. Do you can trim your brisket to the size of your choice.

Brine Cure

The meat must be submerged in the brine for 7–10 days to give it enough taste and give the curing salt enough time to color it.

Wash and rub

So that the finished product isn’t overly salty, it’s crucial to rinse off the salty curing solution after curing. After thoroughly drying the meat and patting it dry, generously sprinkle the spice rub all over the prepared pastrami.


Maintain a low temperature in the smoker: The ideal temperature to get both cooking and smoke taste is 250°F (121°C). Just till the temperature reaches 150°F (66°C).


On the stovetop or in the oven, the pastrami is steam-cooked until the internal temperature reaches 203°F (95°C).

Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami?

The Ottoman Empire is where pastrami originated, and it is still a very popular deli meat today.

However, pregnant women frequently worry about its safety because it’s frequently served boiled and cold.

In general, pastrami is safe to eat while it is hot, such as in a hot sandwich. To eliminate any potential Listeria bacteria that might have survived packaging, the pastrami must first be heated to steaming temperatures in its cold state.

Pastrami - Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami?


If you have been eating pastrami or other deli meats without warming them, there is no reason to be alarmed.

Since the federal government takes extra measures to stop the spread of Listeria, the likelihood of a problem happening is incredibly minimal.

To destroy bacteria on deli meats, in addition to pasteurization and cooking, a spray is applied before packaging.

Deli meats should only be heated again as a precaution to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Ask your doctor for reassurance if you’re concerned about having had cold pastrami without reheating it.

The likelihood is that you’ll be alright; but, throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, reheat deli meats.

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Is Hot Pastrami Safe to Eat While pregnant?

Hot pastrami sandwiches are very well-liked dishes, especially New York-style versions with mayonnaise, mustard, cheese, tomato, and lettuce.

Fortunately, when pastrami sandwiches are prepared hot, the heating process kills the dangerous germs, necessitating no additional warming.

hot pastrami

On the other hand, Make sure to reheat the pastrami till steaming when making a cold pastrami sandwich at home with pastrami that has been purchased at a store.

Can any type of meat be used, Compared to other meats, is beef pastrami safe?

Pastrami’s most popular foundation ingredient is beef. However, Turkey is also used sometimes. Pastrami made from tuna, salmon, goat, duck, or venison is rear.

Types of meat - Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami?

All pastrami is cooked using the same techniques, such as boiling, smoking, or steaming. So, regardless of the type of meat used, the pastrami is safe to eat as long as it is heated to destroy any germs.

Pastrami health benefit 

Pastrami is quite nutritious. It is a fantastic choice of meat to consume with whole-grain bread and veggies because it is low in calories and fat.

B vitamins, which are good for health, are present in pastrami. The amount of B vitamins in any other sort of food is four or five times lower.

The other health benefits are as follows:

1. Pastrami is more flavorful and affordable than most other meats.

Pastrami is cheaper and more delicious than the thinner cuts of beef because of its high-fat content.

Pastrami - Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami?

It is always preferable to purchase leaner beef when purchasing meat products like pastrami, therefore you should avoid selecting the fatty variety.

2. A delicious Sandwich Is Made With Pastrami 

The amount of fat in pastrami is what makes it so satiating. Before adding the pastrami to your sandwich, it is a good idea to reheat it.

Sandwich made with pastrami
Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami?

3. Pastrami Has a Low Cholesterol Content.

If you consume a lot of pastrami, it would be wise to have your cholesterol checked regularly because excessive cholesterol increases the chance of developing heart disease, which can be fatal.

4. Fibers Are Found in High Amounts in Pastrami 

Fiber is very important since it aids in your body’s digestion. The pastrami’s high fiber content will help you lower your risk of developing colon cancer, which poses a serious threat to your life.

5. Pastrami Can Aid in Weight Loss.

You can have this meat along with nutritious grains and veggies to meet your daily caloric needs without consuming any more calories.

6. Pastrami Can Help Heart Health 

It contains heart-healthy B vitamins that can aid in the improvement of heart health.

Heart health - Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami?

7. Pastrami Is Beneficial For Expectant Mothers And Their Children 

More B vitamins are necessary for pregnant women and their unborn children so that their bodies can develop normally and remain healthy.

Pregnant woman

Conclusion about Can Pregnant Women Eat Pastrami

Eating pastrami while pregnant is say either at home or at restaurants, make sure it is heated.