Why Does Dark Chocolate Taste Bitter

Why do people dislike dark chocolate?
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While some individuals adore dark chocolate, others despise it to the core.

Funny enough, the arguments for both sides are the same: dark chocolate tastes rather bitter and has a very strong, rich chocolate flavor.

But why precisely does bitterness come through in dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate has a bitter flavor because it contains at least 50% cocoa solids, also known as cocoa powder.

Dark chocolate with a percentage of 70%, 80%, or 90% cocoa has a greater bitter flavor than chocolate with a lower percentage of sugar.

To discover more about the many flavors of dark chocolate, whether there is a type that is 100% dark chocolate, and how to improve the flavor of your dark chocolate, keep reading this article.

What is dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a type of chocolate that just contains cocoa butter and solids, without the addition of milk or butter that is present in milk chocolate.

What is dark chocolate?

Unsweetened or bitter chocolate is the name for dark chocolate that hasn’t had any extra sugar.

why does dark chocolate taste bitter?

Due to its high cocoa content and low sugar content, dark chocolate has a bitter flavor.

Dark chocolate and milk chocolate are distinguished from one another by this balance (or, rather, imbalance).

Despite the fact that all chocolate varieties (apart from white chocolate) have a certain amount of cocoa, not all of them have a bitter flavor, do they?

However, the cocoa’s naturally bitter flavor takes over after the proportion of cocoa powder is raised and, consequently, the proportion of milk, cocoa butter, and sugar is reduced.

why does dark chocolate taste bitter?

After cocoa beans are roasted and processed into a liquid state, the result is cocoa powder.

The majority of the cocoa butter (fat) that is present in the cocoa liquor can be removed by pressing the liquid.

It resembles using a French press to brew coffee. You only get a dry cocoa cake instead of dry coffee grounds.

You guessed it: cocoa powder is the name of the powdered version of this cocoa cake, also known as cocoa solids.

All dark chocolate is manufactured from this powder, which gives the chocolate its bitter flavor.

But why is cocoa powder bitter in the first place?

The vast majority of flavonoids included in dried cocoa powder are naturally bitter and stimulate your taste buds.

Furthermore, unprocessed, pure cocoa has a moderate acidity that contributes to its bitter flavor.

Why Does Dark Chocolate Taste Burnt?

Although dark chocolate naturally has a bitter flavor and very high cocoa content might sometimes have a faint burnt flavor, in general, good dark chocolate shouldn’t taste burnt in any way.

If that is the case with the dark chocolate you purchased, the cocoa beans were probably overroasted.

The resulting cocoa powder will taste scorched and quite unpleasant if such beans are overroasted.

Why Does Dark Chocolate Taste Burnt?

Are all dark chocolates bitter in flavor?

You might be wondering if all dark chocolate has a bitter flavor. Your taste buds and the amount of chocolate they contain will determine that.

Naturally, the bitterness of your dark chocolate will grow with every 10% as the ratio of 50% sweeteners/50% cocoa shifts toward a higher proportion of cocoa.

Are  all dark chocolates bitter in flavor?

Because of this, black chocolate with a cocoa content of 60% or more tastes bitter while milk chocolate with a maximum of 50% does not.
For example, 70% dark chocolate, will be much more bitter.

But! Some people will claim that no dark chocolate tastes bitter because their taste receptors just do not respond to dark chocolate in any way.

Some people may have extremely sensitive bitter taste buds. These individuals will inform you that all dark chocolate is bitter—very bitter!

Is There 100% Dark Chocolate?

The majority of you undoubtedly know what 60-80% dark chocolate is, and some of you probably know what 90% is.

How about 100 percent dark chocolate? Does anything like this even exist?

Yes, it is the answer. Pure, authentic dark chocolate exists. A well-known company that sells that kind of chocolate is Lindt.

Is There 100% Dark Chocolate?

Now you’re likely thinking, “Wow, pure chocolate, 100% pure.” That had to taste amazing!

I’m sorry to break it to you, but 100% pure dark chocolate has a strong, distinctive flavor that most people won’t like.

Of course, pure chocolate has an extreme bitterness that can be difficult to tolerate (pardon the pun).

Pure dark chocolate does indeed have a taste similar to burnt toast. Some have compared it to the unpleasant experience of chewing a cigar.

Simply put, there is a lot of genuine chocolate flavor! 100% dark chocolate contains nearly no cocoa butter and only 1g of sugar. This signifies that there isn’t really much sweetness present.

You would actually need to be an expert in flavor combinations to truly enjoy it, even though it can be matched with some drinks or sweets to enhance their flavors.

It’s probably not advised for the typical chocolate enthusiast, if you ask me! However, anyone can make that choice.

Why Do People Enjoy Dark Chocolate?

This one is all about taste receptors and individual preferences! You will adore dark chocolate if you enjoy a really intense, deep chocolate flavor and don’t mind the bitterness. If you’re a fan of organic baking chocolate, you’ll absolutely love its rich, indulgent flavor that adds a delightful depth to your culinary creations.

Why Do People Enjoy Dark Chocolate?

Once more, it all depends on your choices! Some individuals favor sweet chocolate. Others enjoy it bitter and powerful.

Bitter tastes are not always offensive to everyone. Some people can’t stand it because they are so sensitive to it.

Why do people dislike dark chocolate?

Funny enough, the response to the following query is the same as the previous one: individual preference and taste receptors!

There are so many forum threats expressing hatred for dark chocolate that you wouldn’t believe it.

Of course, the bitterness of dark chocolate is the main factor. Why on earth would you want to consume dark chocolate if you don’t enjoy bitter flavors or if your taste buds are extremely sensitive to them?

Why do people dislike dark chocolate?

Don’t you think this one makes a lot of sense?

Others claim that when they first sample dark chocolate, they just are not accustomed to its potent and rich flavor. Others will never fall in love, while some ultimately adjust.


In conclusion, Due to its high cocoa content, dark chocolate has a harsh flavor. In contrast, milk chocolate has a maximum cocoa inclusion of 50% and far more sugar.

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