How To Reheat Orange Chicken? 5+ Method

How To Reheat Orange Chicken
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Whether you need orange chicken to feed a large crowd or for an occasion, you can find various ways to reheat the meat. The options include cooking it in the oven, microwave, and air fryer.

If you’re reheating this dish to serve with noodles, rice, or other steamed vegetables, you may want to try cooking it on the stovetop. This method may take a few minutes longer than the microwave, but you’ll end up with the flavor of freshly made recipe.

What Is Orange Chicken?

Invented in Hawaii, orange chicken is a tasty, tangy, orange flavored takeout dish. The sauce is thick and slightly tart, but it’s also sweet and a little spicy. The sauce is soy based, but can be made with other ingredients to suit your tastes.

What Is Orange Chicken?

You can find orange sauce at most grocery stores. You can also make your own orange chicken from scratch. It’s a very easy recipe. It’s made from orange juice, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil. You can add red chili flakes to it for a little extra heat.

The orange sauce is made by whisking together the ingredients in a pan. It will thicken as it cooks. You can also thin the orange sauce with water.

You can serve this delicious dish with white rice or stir-fried veggies. It’s also great with salad. You can even freeze the leftover dish for up to three months. It’s also great when reheated.

In addition to being tasty, orange chicken is a healthier alternative to takeout. You can even use gluten free ingredients to make it. You can substitute gluten free tamari for soy sauce, and coconut aminos for tamari.

We can serve this delicious dish with rice or noodles. You can also top the orange chicken with dried fruits or nuts. You can even serve it with oil free salad dressing.

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How To Keep Orange Chicken Crispy

Keeping orange chicken crispy when reheating can be done in several ways. Some of the most common methods include the oven and microwave. However, these methods can alter the texture and taste of the chicken. It is best to use the stovetop method to get the best results.

How To Keep Orange Chicken Crispy

Before reheating this delicious dish, it is important to thaw it first. This will make it easier to reheat. It will also prevent it from clumping together. It should be thawed for at least two hours before reheating.

After thawing, remove the foil and set the chicken on a rack. This will keep the chicken from getting too soggy. This will also prevent excess grease from forming.

If you would like to reheat this dish, you can also use an air fryer. This method is easy to use and will help to keep the chicken crispy. It also uses less oil and is much lighter on the kitchen. The chicken should be added in batches.

Once the chicken is fried, you can then reheat it using the oven or microwave. You will want to keep it at a temperature of about 400 degrees. The microwave may leave the chicken mushy, but the oven will leave it crisp.

How Do You Reheat Orange Chicken In The Microwave?

Whether you are trying to find a quick and convenient way to reheat your favorite orange chicken or you are simply trying to keep it in your refrigerator for a few days, there are a few ways you can reheat this dish.

How Do You Reheat Orange Chicken In The Microwave?

First, you can use your microwave to reheat this delicious dish. You’ll want to use a microwave safe container, but you don’t want to overheat it, as you will end up with chewy, soggy chicken. You can heat it in 30-second increments and then remove it when the temperature is at your desired level.

How Do You Reheat Orange Chicken In An Airfryer?

Whether you’re having a party or you just want to enjoy a quick dinner, you can easily reheat orange chicken in an air fryer. Aside from being a healthier option than deep frying, air frying also produces crispy chicken.

How Do You Reheat Orange Chicken In An Airfryer?

Before you begin reheating your chicken recipe, you need to make sure you’ve thawed the chicken properly. This will help you reheat the chicken more effectively. When the chicken is fully thawed, you can simply place it in the air fryer and set it to cook.

Once the chicken is ready, you can reheat the sauce. Simply stir the sauce and the chicken together. Be careful not to reheat the sauce too quickly as it may cause the sauce to evaporate and become soggy.

If you don’t want to use an air fryer, you can cook your delicious chicken dish on the stovetop or grill. You may need to increase the cooking time to fully heat the chicken.

You can also use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of the chicken. This will help you ensure that the chicken is cooked to the safe minimum of 165 degF.

How Do You Prevent Orange Chicken From Getting Soggy?

Whenever you’re making this delicious dish, you’ll need to keep it from getting soggy. You can do so by following these few steps and tricks.

The first step is to coat the chicken with oil. Then, you can heat it in the microwave or oven. If you choose to reheat it in the oven, make sure the dish is oven-safe. If it isn’t, you’ll have to cover the dish with aluminum foil. This will prevent the chicken from getting soggy and dry.

How Do You Prevent Orange Chicken From Getting Soggy?

You can also add water or cornstarch to thin the sauce. This will make it more like the original sauce. You can also add fresh orange slices to the dish for more flavor.

Using an air fryer is a great way to reheat this delicious dish. It will keep it from getting soggy and will restore the original crunch. Set the air fryer to a temperature of 390degF.

The sauce will thicken as it sits. You’ll need to stir it every minute. If you don’t have a food thermometer, you can use a wooden chopstick.

Reheating Orange Chicken In The Oven

Whether you need to reheat orange chicken for dinner or you have leftovers, there are several ways to get it hot. If you choose to reheat this delicious dish in the oven, make sure it is cooled first. This will help you avoid any soggy or dry food.

Reheating Orange Chicken In The Oven

The oven is a great method for reheating large amounts of orange chicken. It is not as quick as the microwave, but it will get the food hot and steamy. It’s also a good method if you have extra sauce.

How To Store This Delicious Dish

Whether you have frozen orange chicken or you have leftovers from a restaurant, you can store them properly to extend their shelf life. In fact, there are several ways to store this delicious dish, so it’s important to know what you are doing.

One way to store this delicious dish is to store it in an airtight container. This keeps the chicken crisp and prevents it from getting soggy. Then, when you’re ready to eat, you can just microwave it to reheat it. It’s an easy process, and the taste of the chicken remains the same.

Another way to store this delicious dish is by flash-freezing it. This process preserves the chicken, sauce package, and sauce pieces. You can use the leftovers when you want to make orange chicken. This method is quick, and will ensure the orange chicken stays fresh.

Besides the freezer, this delicious dish can also be stored in the fridge. It should be thawed in the fridge at least two hours before you plan to reheat it. This will also ensure that it reheats properly.

Stovetop Reheating Procedure

Whether you have orange chicken leftover from a restaurant or you bought it frozen, reheating it can be a fun and tasty meal. The easiest way to do it is to heat it up on the stovetop, more than any other option as well.

Stovetop Reheating Procedure

If you want to reheat your orange chicken on the stovetop, be sure to preheat the pan. This will help ensure that your meal is steaming hot when you’re done. The temperature should be between 325 and 350 degrees.


Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a quick meal, reheating orange chicken can be a fast, easy and delicious way to have your favorite chicken dish again. You can store leftovers in your freezer, refrigerator or pantry and reheat it later when you are ready to enjoy it again.

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